<p>Within today, I suddenly decided to rest.&nbsp; Since saturday, I was feeling sick and I&#39;m with this cough and headache that I can&#39;t get rid off.&nbsp; So, I thought, I should take a break.</p>

I watched two movies, and the new anime series that my sister bought earlier.  I had fun spending more time with my cat and eating lychees that my mom bought.  It was a peculiar day.. and I wasn't the only one who thought so.

My mom found me playing the violin again.  It must've been months since I last held it.  The moment I opened it, it felt like it moved a section of my soul and drew me again to play.  My heart is filled with good music.  It took one piece to get me back on the right notes again, but it was well worth it.  Its like the music has cured my stresses and my headache.  The cough hasn't gone away, but the music served its purpose.  I fell asleep.

While I was sleeping, someone was missing me, and missing me bad.  He's spoken much about how much he loved me and will do anything to keep me and be with me forever.  But, what's music to my ears is that he needs me, and for him, I'm the perfect girl.  :)

Sigh, what a peculiar day.