I’ve never felt so stressed once again in ages.  I’m feeling more like pushed and pressed to the limit and I can’t seem to move away from it.  For almost two months now, I’m feeling stressed out from work and schedules.  A new process has been injected, thought not carefully planned out.  I haven’t really taken my leave because of unfinalized rules/regulations.  Its making me feel like seating on the edge of a cliff.

For a week now, almost two, my sister has been having seizures that are caused by hyperventilations.  It’s caused everyone in the family to adjust, most especially me.  No one was able to accompany my sister to her trips to the hospital except myself.  I had to stay with her in the hospital during mornings nd work my ass out at night.  She sleeps with me at night because no one would look after her at night.  We are worried she might have attacks at night and fall off the bed accidentally.  Real deal is that.. I sleep on the floor and that my room was really best for recuperation and even for relaxation.

The months of stress and the two weeks of stressful condition is making my stress limit cross the borderline.

Have you ever felt migraines that lasted for days?  And when you have them, you can’t even turn your head from left to right or right to left abruptly?  Or even feel nauseatic?  It was one of the worst experiences.  It felt like my head was exploding along with my nerves.. one by one.  My shoulders were tensed, even my cheeks and my teeth felt like they were in pain.  My eyes felt like it wanted to pop out and my thouat was blocked.  I was crying like hell and it was very exhausting.

With this, my honey had to talk to me for hours and bring me to some sanity.  I decided to give this a fix.. not just any temporary fix, but more of a temporary to permanent one.  I decided to explore on the stuffs that make me angry, irritated and stressed.  In addition to that, I’m interested in taking Yoga.  I know Tai Chi, but haven’t been practicing it so, I thought of learning something else.

Today, I started following the Yoga for Beginners CD by Gaiam.  It was quite hard for me in the beginning.  I must say, my emotional and physical state before I started it was quite unbalanced.  We just came from the hospital and then from the mall to get some clothes for the son of a family friend.  It was hot, I was feeling bored and sleepy by the time we arrived home.  The guide was very well thought of.  The introduction of the poses, and the practice did help me a lot.  It was just the first session and I feel good!

I’m moving my thoughts to Yoga while completely studying the root causes of stress for me and try to solve it from there on.  It really was very relaxing and I feel at peace.  I can see now why people who take Yoga feels so good everytime.  Its quite addicting and the effects are really great.  :)