I know Jesus has died for us.  Every year during Good Friday, the people love to reminisce his death.  There are several movies inspired by Jesus' death.  I've been a fan of those myself, especially the movie The Passion of the Christ.  These movies, they revolve around the emotions, experiences of those people who were close to Christ, aside from Jesus himself.

cover-image Barabbas

But this time, I invite you to see the other perspective.  You remember Barabbas?  He was the man who was freed from prison in exchange for Jesus' life.  We know Hestas, he was the man who died with Jesus on his right.  We only knew he was a good man and yet he died with Jesus beside his cross.  But what do we know about the "bad" man who was freed?  Nothing.  I believe we never gave it a thought as to who he is and what became of him.

This year, I am watching Barabbas on VCD.  I am now blogging about this because I am already inspired.  I saw how he enjoyed his freedom while Christ was bearing his cross.  He enjoyed women and wine, but when he saw Jesus on the cross, he stopped and marveled at the man who saved him.  Later then, you would discover what has become of him is what Jesus would've wanted us all to know.

Barabbas became a good man.  He was sent back to prison, and yet he was hammered by fate to be a better person because Jesus died for him.  Isn't this the whole point of Jesus' death?

I don't want to keep reminiscing how Jesus died.  Its not what's important.  For me, how it moves us to become better people is what's important.  Watch Barabbas' life and learn and be moved to make Jesus' death count.