I cannot deny the fact that I love to play. Sometimes its contradicting my personality. I'm a serious person, but I also love to play. I like to do what I just want to do. I love to exploit the crazy ideas inside my head. I don't mind if other people think I'm crazy or weird (or even my own boyfriend thinks I'm weird). Pasensiya siya.. eh ginusto niya ng girlfriend na praning eh.. hehehe…

Our friend in Singapore stayed in a condominium which he shares with his brother and some family too. Some of the amenities found in that condo was a park at ground level where there is a playground and an exercise area. It was kinda late already and that was just friday (our first night at Singapore).

We went walking around the park while chatting. We saw the playground and of course, I was the one who wanted to play in it. (How ironic.. :P ) I immediately went towards the see-saw. I kinda missed playing in a see-saw. Of course, as always, I was the lighter one. I would be easily lifted to the air, whilst I struggle to reach the ground. After awhile of laughing while enjoying the ride, I saw another part of the playground that I wanted to try. It looked like two rides that would spin clockwise when two people will ride it. I thought it was cool, and I eagerly went out to try it. Needing my partner to ride the other end, we figured that it was similar to a see-saw, only the participants (este players pala) should be standing on it while working it to swing just like a see-saw.

It was very fun.. Hehe.. or so I thought, coz my partner was kinda scared of the idea that we were above ground and see-sawing above a certain height. In short, he was scared of heights. Hehe.. The experience was very fun, and what made it better was that I was scaring him. Haha.. I know I'm mean.. and that is most of the time.. Hehe.. Since he was heavier than I am, I would let him lift me through the other end, then I'll just jump when I'm in mid-air. That would make his end jolt and it'll bring his knees to a fold. We laughed uncontrollably (again.. so what's new). I thought I could pee on my pants from laughing too much! We went on and on with that exercise. It didn't matter to me that I was so tired from the travel or that I was perspiring like I was in hell. I just wanted to play, and the best part of it all, was that I was scaring him.

That was the only time I saw him laughing so hard, that it was all a mixture of different levels of emotion. First it was from happiness. Happiness from the fact that he can have fun times with his girlfriend and not just spend much time for mushy moments.. happiness from the fact that we were both playing in that playground.. only in another country! ..happiness from the fact that it was my first international travel.. and so much more.

Next, he felt hate for me. He hated me for scaring him through that see-saw. He just don't want to disappoint me altogether by not being sport or by being such a kill-joy and not trying out that cool see-saw. He also hated me for the fact that he just can't lose that challenge to me (or that he was just too arrogant at all… hehe.. :P ) Everything about giving me what I want is what made him hate me at that time. Haha… (say it isn't so.. )

He also had this feeling of fear. Yes, his fear was being exploited by his own girlfriend who loved to tease him whenever he looked like a kid so afraid of a 'puny' see-saw. Muhuhahaha… Each time I would be able to lift him off the ground, it would drive me nuts and I'll just break down into uncontrollable, boisterous laughter.

Too much emotions in one single moment.. and all of these emotions boiled down to one lump of strong emotion. Combine all these feelings that he was experiencing that moment, and poooofff! it became one powerful hadouken! Yes, it was one hadouken alright and it hit me!!! If only you could feel its impact!

It ended not as a blast of powerful energy but as a trickling liquid hadouken coming out in the form of a saliva! Hehehe… Success!!! If it would've been somebody else with him, it would be a major turn off.. but as for me.. I love people who don't pretend. I think I loved him more because he was just being himself, be it bad or good.. be it ugly or a pretty sight to see.

So, the next time you're having a very strong emotion.. one piece of advice for you.. Berhenti! (Stop!) Awas (Careful).. Close your mouth please.. :D