<p>I love movies, I love cartoons.. and I love Kung Fu!!!</p>

When I was young, I remember watching all those chinese kung fu movies in channel 4 (i don’t think its still airing those good old kung fu series).  I don’t understand a bit of what they say because back then no translations were available for international movies.  I only enjoyed watching their cool fighting techniques.  Their colorful clothing and fascinating headdresses really catches my attention. :P   I adore the kung fu fighting women of the old chinese times.  I think that they depict strength with finesse.  With Kung fu, I also adore the legendary Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and the famous movies.  

Needless to say, I have been waiting for this movie to be screened. It was a different twist to the old fashioned kung fu.  Who would’ve thought that a fat flabby panda could do kung fu?? A lean figure and good physical stability has always been the icon of a good kung fu master aside from the fact that they are masters of inner peace and mental stability.. and a panda couldn’t be all that.  :)

I’ve been a fan of all Dreamworks Animation.  From the traditionally animated films to the computer animated films, I’ve been a huge fan.  I loved the plot, the characters and the animation itself in general is really great.  The whole movie taught me various lessons.   At first, I really thought that the Panda would’nt learn Kung Fu and that if he ever did, he’d get to thin.. :P   Hehe

I’d like to collect all the wonderful things that I learned with watching that movie:

  • There are no accidents
  • A warrior is not measured by size
  • The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today’s a gift.. that’s why its called a present
  • There is no secret ingredient. You only have to believe that something is special to make it special.

The movie has imparted a lot of beautiful lessons aside from the fact that the animation was really great.  The whole setting looked like it was really taken from an old chinese setting.  Even my sisters loved the way the animation take place.  It had a lot of the slow motion effects that the matrix movie used.  It also had the whole 3d effect when the camera swivels a whole 360 degrees turn.  Panda’s jiggly belly and ears as well as his flabby arms are really cute. :)

My friend was able to download a quality copy of Kung Fu Panda in AVI format.  Maybe when I get to upload it in my 4shared account, I’ll post the link here. :)