I've been quite lazy to post. Mostly because I have been busy with a lot of other things; but also because of something..

I've been thinking about it. When I really lost the mojo to write. This blog has never been powered by any paid ads, but this morning a lady wrote to me and asking to have an article posted here. I had to respectfully decline.

Although I'm not consistent with my blog posting, I find that writing down my thoughts is very therapeutic to some extent. And a study also mentions that writing (not really typing) in the morning promotes honesty to yourself... and maybe eventually, you also become more dedicated to your words and thoughts.

So, here's what I've regressed. I figured that I lost the excitement and motivation to write last 2013. I was so disappointed with people I cared for that I figured, who else would love to read and learn from what I learned in life?

I am wrong. The last couple of months have rekindled in me the passion to care for myself in better ways (I'll post more about it in the future), and to be mindful about the things that I do, I say and even about what I think.

I have a lot to share. So, I'll be back. I'll be sharing things about life that I find are really worth sharing and the tech stuff that I learn along the way.

Wish me luck! :)

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