Soon after we were able to watch Monsters vs. Aliens in IMAX, we realized that we really should be bringing the whole family along to experience it.  Unfortunately, the next good movie to watch was Ice Age 3 and it wasn't available in IMAX.. only in Digital Cinemas.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
The SM Digital Cinemas were short of the real IMAX experience.  Although these specially designed cinemas were able to play 3D movies just like IMAX can, the whole experience was really different.  The key factor was the size of the screen itself.  When you do watch 3D movies in IMAX, you'll really feel like you're inside the movie itself and would better appreciate the 3D effects just like you're standing in the middle of the scene.
Eversince the start of this Ice Age trilogy, my family and I, we loved the characters here.  I still remember Diego's famous "where's the baby?" line.  Its a story about how different people could stick with each other and share the same needs with each other.  They were a weird pack alright, but they did manage to survive through a lot of nature's challenges.

This time, it was really different.  The two earlier Ice Age were good, but this one is the best!  I never stopped laughing!  Though we were amidst a nonchalant crowd, the family along with my fiance and my sister's boyfriend, the six of us were laughing like there's no tomorrow!  We were but the noisiest of them all! :D

The story is an A+ having added more spice into Scrat's role which was more like a separate thread of story throughout the movie.  He met Scratte (which was a female flying squirrel) who came from the land of the dinosaurs and was also after the acorn.

In this story, the focus is on the change of the characters' personalities.  Since they all stayed together, they have evolved in many different ways.  Manny the mammoth (Ray Romano) is no longer grumpy.  He's all excited with the idea of having a family with Ellie (Queen Latifah).  They now have many other friends with them in their little home.

Diego (Denis Leary), on the other hand, is the saber-toothed tiger who seems to have lost his predator skills.  He's become tamed from living an almost domesticated life with Manny and Ellie and the others.  Sid (John Leguizamo), the sloth was still as slow and cute as ever! :P

The friends were growing apart from each other as they were having troubles about their own personalities which were also changing the longer they stick with each other.  Manny refuses to acknowledge that things were changing and that he needed to do something about it.  Diego leaves the pack, and Sid was left alone.

Buck, the crazy Indiana Jones weasel

In Sid's desire of having his own family, he stumbles into three dinosaur eggs which he thought was abandoned.  He brought them out of the underground and into an open cave.  He mothers them three, but failed to address the fact that there was indeed the real mother who would be looking for them sometime soon.

Sid, along with the three dinosaurs were taken back by mommy dinosaur into the underground world of dinosaurs.  Manny, Ellie and Diego were reunited in search of Sid.  Here, the adventure begins!  It was really a thrilling adventure as I couldn't have possibly imagined that the unusual pack could survive the threats of a world that was so different from the one they have survived in.  They met Buck the crazy weasel who was obsessed with killing Rudy the T-Rex.

The whole adventure is a must see!  They go through being eaten by a Venus fly trap, jumping off the cliff, riding a pteradactyl, travelling across the pit of laughing gas, etc.  Its really a must see movie, especially its in 3D!  Watch the trailer below.

I just wouldn't forget how the new role of Scrat and the acorn having its own feelings really added humor to the movie, aside from my favorite part where Diego was laughing like crazy having a voice that sounded like he inhaled helium. :D

If this movie would be shown in IMAX, I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again!