Daena came out of the office hurriedly.  She needed to be somewhere far from the office for another quick meeting.  It was very important that she must not miss out this meeting or else, the project won’t push through.  She arrived at the meeting place a couple of minutes late.

So and so.. yada yada.. And the meeting was over.  She was also meeting her boyfriend at that place.  They were to have dinner and just relax the whole night away.  They walked into different sections of the mall.  John wanted to show Daena a part of the mall that he found out and knew Daena would like too.  Together they combed through the different levels of the mall in search of that place.

It was the 26th Avenue.  This was an area of the mall that was full of small boutiques, but had very eye-catching stuffs on sale.  Some booths had stuff toys, some had CDs of different kinds, clothes, kikay accessories, etc.  One could spend hours trying to look at all the stuffs in all of the booths (but of course, nothing compares to GreenHills).  John can never resist the urge to check out stuffs that he could bag for himself whenever opportunity (such as this) arises.   Daena couldn’t help but privately laugh at the fact that she was dragged all the way here, to the 26th Avenue just because John was the one who wanted to buy something. :P

Everytime John would look at shirts, Daena would roam away trying to look at the stuffs that caught her eye.  Soon enough, John would be beside her.  Funny, its as if John could never stay even an inch away from her if it was possible at all to be very close to her.  But, of course!  why miss such an opportunity, right? Yeah.. its not an annoying thing.  Daena loves to be loved by John.  She ponders.. This guy, this guy that I love so much.. really loves me too.

In the end of the window-shopping, nothing was ever bought.  Hehe.. They both headed down to their favorite pizza parlor - Swingies.  The two of them loves to eat there, because John loves this resto, and Daena just loves the thin crust pizza and the long unboring conversation they always engage in.  Even the place loved them both!  Imagine hearing their relationship’s theme song upon entering the parlor!  Whatta coincidence! ;) Loving the food and loving each other’s company, they talked about anything at all.. but never forgetting to adore each other and shower each other praises as they did, about three months ago.

Eating their hearts out, they forget about the time.  But, as the service was quick and prompt, they easily acknowledged the time was just right for them to leave.  They have had plans to go out of town that weekend.  A very relaxing weekend, most especially for Daena who never ran out of work to do.

They patiently waited for the bus to arrive.  They never miss out times to be sweet to each other.  Its not just as if they were a recent couple, but they just loved to be themselves at all times, at all costs.  And it was simply great because John was just what Daena needed; and so was Daena to John.

Inside the bus, there were many people rushing to go home.  It was nearly half past ten in the evening and there were still many commuters.  As it was getting very crowdy inside, Daena felt it was difficult to breathe.  She told John about her issue.  John, being a very optimistic, happy person, did not want Daena to worry.  Instead, he did not let Daena nurture this ill feeling.  All throughout the travel, John gave Daena brief moments of laughter so she could forget how heavy she was already breathing because of the deterioration of air inside.

Moments later, Daena was feeling relaxed and comfortable while leaning on John’s shoulder.  She was smiling, but still laboriously breathing.  I love you John, thank you.  She never miss out times to express how much she loves John.  And, as the real gentleman John was, he would just smile and let her know how much his love for her was even greater than how he felt for her.

She was nearly dozing off.  How could I love you better?  I should give something better, but I can’t.  I guess, I won’t.  I hope that simply being with you and loving you just this way would make you happy.  Wouldn’t it be better if it would be forever?