Been watching TV since I was technically alone (just with my cat) this afternoon.  I turned on the TV and I caught the last 15 minutes of the movie “The Chamber“.  It was tear jerking once again.  The next movie was “Hollis Woods“.

I watched this movie before, so the story wasn’t totally unknown, though I haven’t watched it straight in one seating like I did now.  I think the story was very very inspiring and touching.  It was about family.. having one and keeping one.

I already feel sad just writing this out.

Hollis was an orphan.  She lived with a couple of foster parents from time to time trying to make it out to finding a family she can belong with.  She was a talented child who really had an eye for art.  The summer before her stay with Josie (who was a retired Art teacher), she stayed with the Regan family.  They had lots of activities during summer.  Hollis briefly experienced how its like to be in a family who will always love you no matter what.

She felt like she messed the Regan family when she and their son met a vehicle accident on their way back to the cabin.  That was the day before her adoption.  She ran away and never really wanted to love anyone anymore nor for anyone to love her too.

When she lived with Josie, she learned to love the old lady and her cat.  Later on, Josie displays signs of Alzheimer’s disease and proved to be unfit to take care of Hollis.   Hollis loved Josie and didn’t want to lose her, and so she ran away to a place where she felt comfortable in.. in the Regan’s cabin.   That was Christmas day.. and Christmas stroked magic in their hearts.  That day, she was reunited with her foster parents and Edna, the social worker.

It moved me, and I think it would always count as a strong point for everyone to keep and nurture their family.  Edna said to Hollis:

Everyone of us will lose everyone we love.. eventually.
..and so everyone should take risks and be brave.  No matter what the family goes through, or even whatever silly things may run inside my head, it can always be solved with the people you love… simply because no matter how unperfect it is, I have a family.. and I am happy. :)