<p>I am in bad humor because&#8230;</p>
  • I do not feel happy about what I have become in my work.
  • I do not feel appreciated with what I do
  • I have become the fire at the office place, always speaking my mind
  • I do not intend to be passive.  I just do what I believe is right, in a sensible and responsible way.
  • I want to make myself heard, but I do not want to make too much noise.
  • I have lost the structure.  I am lost in red tape and in a well built office place complex.
  • I am missing some thoughts because I’m busy thinking of what will happen to me.
  • I am hesitating to work in full optimal productivity because I do not believe that it is solely my job
  • I have aged in a regular 8-5 job, that used to make me happy.

I am in bad humor.  In fact, I have no humor at all right now.  Shall I say, "humor me"??