I wonder how i will survive without you. My everyday is you. My heart and my happiness is you.

I long to hug you in escalators and n0t let you go.

I want to hug you til it makes it hard for you to walk.. Til you will call me kitteh.

I want to force feed you with fruits and fish and veggies bcoz it makes you better.

I want to watch you play basketball and clap for every shot until they envy you.

I want to stare at you and kiss you all of a sudden when a guy looks at me with interest.

I want to wrap my arms up your own to show them how I'm so proud of you.

I want to laugh with you at the most silly jokes you deliver.

I want to kiss you before we put on our seatbelts.

I want to caress your shoulders while you drive so you won't get stressed.

I want to give you bites of our take out food while you drive so you won't get starved.

I want to laugh at you when you panicked that gravy will drip to your chin.

I want to stare at you while you drive, knowing you can't stare back at me coz that'll make me blush.

I want to surprise you with things you don't want to buy for yourself, even though you need it.

I want to drop you sweet messages even when you're offline so that you'll see it the next time you go online.

I want to secretly buy you snacks and then drop by your office to give them to you.

I want to eat lunch with you all the time.

I want to chat with you on the phone til the wee hours of the morning.

I want to text you how much I love you and how much you mean the world to me all the time.

I want to send you songs via SMS whenever I hear of a certain phrase that makes me remember you.

I want to hold your hand with a crumpled paper in between and not let go of you til we find a trash can.

I want to hear you say "Naaaahh!" whenever you're guilty of something.

I want to wipe the sweat off your back using your hanky after we get off the car.

I want to wrap my arms around yours while you hold the umbrella for us both while we walk to our office buildings.

I want to eat breakfasts with you at Jollibee or McDo and collect mugs.

I want to walk to Megamall after office to meet you at Powerbooks.

I want to eat cheap dinner with you at Goldilocks because you really love their beefsteak and I love their pancit bihon.

I want to surprise you with wallet size photos of our favorite poses.

I want to buy you original NBA jerseys customized with your favorite number: 72.

I want to make you smile buy delivering cornier jokes at you.

I want to kiss your hand whenever you extend them to me to touch my face.

I want to stroke your right knee whenever we're riding a cab.

I want to lean on your chest and pretend I'm sleeping when we're in a bus or in a cab.

I want to walk long hours of shopping with you at Greenhills or Divisoria or Quiapo.

I want to watch your favorite DVDs with you all the time.

I want to sing songs from karaoke with you during boring days and during occasions.

I want to cook Kaniloni and sauteed button mushrooms for your merienda.

I want to sleep with you in one lazy afternoon after a tiring day of shopping.

I want to watch movies with you and then critique it afterwards during dinner.

I want to collect items with you.

I want to save coins for our parking ticket at Megamall for vanny.

I want to neatly and properly press the sticker of your new domain at vanny's rear view mirror, though sweating profusely because of the heat in the carpark area.

I want to help you out in your office tasks whenever I feel bored of my own work.

I want to rat out the people you hate because they make you hurt or sad.

I want to stroke your hair when I tell you stories.

I want to play with your exceptionally big lower earskin because its funny.

I want to take care of you by taking you to the derma when you have skin troubles.

I want to buy you polos that make you look more handsome and very presentable.

I want to buy you PSP because you miss playing games with your Playstation and its handy.

I want to play with you silly games because we just feel like it.

I want to tease you with silly things because you always act like a child.

I want to laugh with you.

I want to cry with you whenever either one of us is sad.

I want to get mad whenever someone makes you mad.

I want to praise God whenever we are in anything that troubles us, or anything that brings us joy.

I want to always thank God because He gave me you.

I wanted to live with you.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

I wanted a life with you.

But now.. all I want is to survive without you.  How do I do that, tell me how.  :(