It took the death of a loved one for me to understand that I have been slacking with the terms of living my life.  All my life, my work, my efforts and energy were put mainly for the benefit of others.  Now, I have the rest of my days to live my life.

I'm taking baby steps to reach my goals and I'm happy to announce I'm slowly getting there.  I've increased my reading appetite and I'm now a more rounded being.  I do my work well and I see friends more often.  I'm into exercising by doing Yoga.  I plan to do more by joining volunteer work (on demand) and joining fun runs.

I've opened myself to a whole new perspective where life is enjoyable and not tied to a single person.  This is why living a single life is now more fun for me.

Last week, I came to see my highschool batchmates and it was a blast.  I was really happy that I took the time to be with them even for a short while.  I managed to share my happiness with them and get in touch with their lives again.  Goodbye shell, hello world.

cover-image SMS Batch '97 get together