Its supposed to be a happy day for me and my honey since its his birthday today.. unfortunately, the morning was greeted with MJ's death.

The Michael Jackson is dead.  Sigh.  I can't believe I'd be writing about this.  He died of cardiac arrest last night in his sleep.  He died at the age of 50.  Gone too soon.

Like A Comet Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly And Splendidly Bright Here One Day Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight On A Cloudy Afternoon Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle Built Upon A Sandy Beach Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower That Is Just Beyond Your Reach Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight Here One Day Gone One Night

Like A Sunset Dying With The Rising Of The Moon Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

MJ and Madonna were the hallmark of Pop music.  After the 80's new wave music, they gave birth to a new genre of music.  In truth, I wouldn't forget how good he dances with his upbeat songs.  And who wouldn't remember the Thriller?  In his 25 years of contribution to the music industry, he's been given lots of tributes in different forms.

His famous moonwalk dance step and the anti-gravity lean are two unique dance moves that no one but him could really perfect.  He's been such a pillar of the music industry that even prisoners have thought of imitating the Thriller dance moves for a good cause.  There's been a lot of other characters being patterned to him.  Like there's a disco zombie character in Plants vs Zombies that was obviously designed akin to him!

I'm really moved by this sad sad news that I can't write so much about him here.  :( makes me sad to just think that I wouldn't be seeing that up and coming World Tour of him.  Too bad that our idol has passed away this soon.  Amidst the anticipation of his come back album, and this World Tour, now there's an air of sorrow and great loss.  I'm bitter enough because of his passing away that I even though it would have been better if others were taken in his place!  To top the list, I'd say that why not take Hayden Kho instead?  Sheez..

Goodbye MJ.  We loved your music.  We loved your energy and performance level.  You're an amazing artist.  I'll forever adore your music, and for sure you will be remembered.  Too bad you were gone too soon. :(