I love Firefox so much!  Most especially, I love their add ons!  It gives much power and vibrance to my browsing experience.  Here are a few of the add ons that I enjoy using the most:

  • CoolIris - It gives me a sneak preview of what page I wanna go to.  At least, I won't waste another tab space for something not worth it.  What's best about it, is that, when the link is just a download page, you can automatically click the link inside the cooliris page rather than visiting the whole page itself.  Nice eh??
  • WebDeveloper - I am a developer myself.  What can I say?  This gives me the power of debugging my application.  Add/remove CSS styles, disable Javascript in just a couple of clicks, and even track broken Images!  Sigh..  It's better than opening the whole spaghetti code of the application!  Perfectly sweeet!
  • Foxy Tunes - I love music.  They say, you can't do 2 things at the same time, coz it slows you down.. but for me, I love to listen to chillout music for it gives me a relaxing pattern so I can think more while programming.  This add on gives me the power of manipulating my player so it gives my eyes an easy movement, by sticking to only my browser and my editor–the music player itself is hidden and nowhere in the tray nor the taskbar!
  • Del.icio.us Bookmarks - I'm a net addict.  I browse a lot, and as I get to visit cool links and useful sites, I want to get them on a quick organized place.  This add on allows me to quickly bookmark these places in a neat way.  You should get yourself an account first.  Try it, its great for systematic, organized people like myself.
  • Firebug - Aside from the previously mentioned web dev't add on, this one is great too.  It allows you to view your code in the browser, check DOM elements, Javascript errors, etc, without having to open the code in your favorite editor.  This is what IE lacks.  (or is there already something like this for IE?  I'm not an IE fan.. =P)
  • Download Statusbar - Sometimes when the file is just small, or it usually comes from a GMail attachment, I like to queue it in Firefox's Download Manager.  After downloads, most of the time, the popping Download window is a nuisance.  This keeps the clutter just in your browser and you can remove it as necessary.  Sigh.. I like things neat.
  • Google Notebook - This is one of the earliest add ons I ever had.  Its great for taking down notes, although you must have an account with Google first, and it only works in Windows.  I use Linux at the office, so, I just use stikis for my notes so that I could access them anywhere at all.
  • FlashGot - Last but not the least is this Download Manager.  It allows you to split your downloads and provide pauses and resume for all of them too.