I've been hopping from one free blog hosting to another, until it finally dawned on me.. "Why not move into my own online home?"  I already did that by having my own personal site, clustering every webby footprint that I have into one place.  From then on, I started my very first technical blog, whose name was inspired by my lovely cat.  And then, at this point, I still link to at least two places. 

I have my personal blog hosted in the very first Filipino started blog hosting.  And now, since I wanted to maximize my own hosting, I'm moving my personal blog into my own subdomain.  Since its really more about my life and the lots of it, I'm calling it Living Life.  I'm really looking forward to owning every section of it and maximizing its full potential.  Sad that I'll be leaving it.. when I said before that I won't abandon it.  But then again, I'm no longer after its pagerank or its url.  I feel more attached to my personal living life blog because I can customize it to my heart's desire and really put more effort into it.

I hope to make more improvements in blogging and in maintaining my sites in the near future.  For now, my honey who just set up his own network will need my full support. ;)