I've been blogging for years.  Not consistently though, but I still do.  I call this, my own therapy.

I've met new people in my life, and some of the good old ones are still with me.  Whenever I face a fork in my life, its almost always true, I can't let it pass without the public knowing about it.  I tell you, its not an easy feat.. (that which I should not write about it).  Why?  Why does it feel like I'm a journalist?

Put it into writing.

For years I know, legally and both in real life, something that isn't on paper isn't real.  It isn't true, its just word of mouth.  Put it into writing and people become nervous.  This is also one way of knowing if you're dealing with a professional or not.  Paper.. does blogging even count?  Maybe.

Some people tell me to stop writing.  Yep, really, some do.  They would rather read about the passed around links of news about good and bad happening around the world rather than hear the closest truth they could relate to.  Is this a gag order?  Possibly.  It really does feel like I'm a journalist.

I know one thing.  One day soon, the truth will float.  It can never stay hidden for a long time.  The truth is almost always ugly, but I can't say its not saving grace to some.

So, if you're on the side of truth, just relax and hang on.  For now, let's play the journalist's game.  gag