Day 4 of Catanduanes, Bicol vacation

The next morning, we were took a quick stroll along Amenia beach one last time before going off to Sulong.  And here, we still managed to enjoy its sand if not its waters.  We buried Deyey in its sand! :D (watch it here)

They say this is one of the many beautiful falls in Catanduanes, and all of Bicol.  Thing is, I've never been to a big falls before.  I did see my first waterfall at Loboc, Bohol, but not as grand as this one.  And, of course, to swim in a waterfall!!!  Wooohoo!

But wait, there is a catch.  The multicab ride we have cannot take us uphill because it was dangerous.  Yes, we have to walk.. and not just walk.. but walk uphill! Waaahh!!!

It wasn't as easy as it looked.  But the reward was definitely worth it!  While climbing uphill, we passed by the village that was being protected and supplied by the water of the falls.  The view was dumbfounding.  Its beauty has taken my words when I took sight of it.


And, up the peak, the falls of Sulong was able to capture my awe and fascination.  The huge rocks protected the water from quickly spilling out into the village it nurtured and thereby allowing the people to adore its nature made pool of clear cold water.  Absolutely beautiful!

Though I may not have been able to swim to the far deeper area of the nature made pool, I have made myself content with staying in its clear cold water and watching the kids of Bicol take their extreme stunts of diving in the water.  Men, women and kids alike were swimmers and took turns in diving into the water.  In amazement, tourists like us can't help but stare.

But the beauty of this cannot be all the beauty I found there.