<p>Everything starts with a good purpose.&nbsp; (at least I think so)&nbsp; I only wonder now, why Friendster has come to be the way it is.. with so many bogus profiles, many ad bulletin posts, unnecessary page comments, too many &#39;unknown&#39; people in your lists, etc.</p>

The essence of Friendster as a good community site has been abused.  I believed I understood Friendster's essence was to build lost contacts, bond people together, and expand your network.  But, I just can't seem to understand why 'adding people up' for no reason at all counts as 'nothing at all'.

I've read in some other blogs (as I was looking for 'the benefits and essence of friendster').. that they are getting tired of it.  People who continuously prep up their pages with glitters, excessive profile updates, photo uploads, trivial comments, and spammed bulletin posts.  Its like what I've read.. "Its almost as if they have nothing to do at all".

I wonder now.. what really is the essence of community sites? ..when we know in the end abuse and misuse of any of them will make them lose their real essence.  What do you think?