Keep your eye on your goal.. and work hard for them!

I cannot deny how much time I've spent surfing Sony Ericsson's site for their newest phones and accessories.  I am a Sony Ericsson fanatic!

I just received the latest developer's news from Sony Ericsson (I've wanted to contribute to them but haven't even tried to do so. :D ).  Here, I saw their latest coming soon phone models:  S500i, T650i, and T250i.  I've always loved their innovative way to compare different phone models.  You simply get a choice of three phones to compare at a time and a matrix of all their features with corresponding tick marks per unit.  This is by far the best way I can assess when I should be replacing my phone with an upgrade.

I have been loving my w800i for about 1 year now (since May 2006).  I have taken good care of it and have never failed to keep it safe from scratches!  :D I love its color, and simple look.  And mind you, I have taken quite some time in selecting the yet best features I would've designed for my ideal phone plus a walkman, ever!!! ..then finally settled with w800i.  Until now that new phones have been out in the market (Nokia and Ericsson) alike, I don't feel like replacing my phone.. well, not yet.  I promised to love it for at least 2 years.  Hehe..

Thing is, if I'd be replacing it, I ought to be looking at the forthcoming phones of Sony Ericsson itself, and nowhere else.  So, I'm raving right now to find that none of the new phones have caught my attention (not yet).  ;) I have made comparisons (my phone against S500i, T650i and w880i) but none have won against the carefully selected features of the great w800i! :D But of course, there are extensions, and other considerations I made.  :P Life would be better with these:

There.  Whew!  All I gotta do now is keep dreaming. :D