Ever wondered how you can describe the feeling of nothingness?  Its like you're in a limbo of something called 'nothing'.

I am attempting to describe how I feel right now since my imood indicator can't put it into words.

Right now, my mind is idle.  I feel like I'm resting, but not really.  I'm half nervous and half excited (I'll tell you why soon).  I'm going away this weekend.  I felt like I have long deserved this rest.

But there really is something that I'm feeling right now that is similar to nothing, but really is kinda like 'everything'.  I was dropping in and out of sleep since this morning.  Since there's really nothing much to do and I have dedicated this day for resting, I guess, I tried not to open my PC.. yet here I am blogging again.  :p

There are actually many things inside my head right now and I'm trying hard to rub it off my thoughts.  I must rest.. ergo, I end up like there is this blank space inside my head.  I wanted to change my imood to something that can describe how I feel, but I end up thinking there is no such word for this.  And so, I thought that I must be like an ellipsis right now.

There are actually many ways to describe an ellipsis.  You have an ellipsis used for writing, for mathematical notation, for programming, and for computing.  There are even different types of ellipsis!  (I wonder what kind of ellipsis I am right now).  Somehow, I'd like to associate this "ellipsis feeling" to its use in programming.

In some programming languages (including Perl, Ruby, and Pascal), a shortened two-dot ellipsis is used to represent a range of values given two endpoints; for example, to iterate through a list of integers between 1 and 100 inclusive in Perl:
foreach (1..100)
Perl overloads the ".." operator in scalar context as a stateful bistable Boolean test, roughly equivalent to "true while x but not yet y".[1] In Perl6, the 3-character ellipsis is also known as the "yadda yadda yadda" operator and, similarly to its linguistic meaning, serves as a "stand-in" for code to be inserted later. In addition, an actual Unicode ellipsis character is used to serve as a type of marker in a perl6 format string.[2]

In the C programming language, an ellipsis is used to represent a variable number of parameters to a function. For example:

void func(const char* str, ...)
From Wikipedia
My feelings exactly!  Must be a thousand of thoughts and emotions right now, but most are not worth mentioning that is why I must remain an ellipsis until I have moved on.  I'd want to be a meaningful function soon, and no more of a buffer ellipsis.  I don't want to be just another filler in some line or method or decalaration.  Sigh.. After this break, I must hop back into action.  Do what must be done.