Ha! We're still so much into this!  This is the eight Mass, and we're bound to complete it once again.

Earlier, before the Mass started, my sister and I were guessing who's for today's celebrant.  I told her, since Father Benjie gives the best sermon, my guess is that, he'll be up for tomorrow… ergo, today will be Father Rey's turn.  And lo!  I was correct. Hehe…

Today, the gospel was about John who came before Christ.  He was the answer to the prayers of his parents.  He was actually first to break the tradition of their times that the first born son will either bear the name of his father or his grandfather.  During his baptism, Zaccharias was able to speak (from being mute) and let everyone know that his son was to be named John.  With this, the people were awed to see such miracle and expected much from the child since then.

Father asked, who among the church goers have completed the eight days of simbang gabi.  Of course, proud and happy as we were (my sister and I, though my mom and our youngest sis were with us today), we raised our hands in response.  He asked us all, if we have happened to receive an answer to our previous prayers/wishes, and gladly, I said yes.  Then he asked us next who among us have had no response to their prayers/wishes.  He explained that God works in His own time.  Having looked upon the couple who had no child for how many years, they never faltered in their faith in God, and was finally given the answer to their prayers in the form of a child.  Not only did God answer their prayer, but He answered the prayer of all Israelites who wanted to be saved.

Having heard this, I though that I might just wait for the right time to be able to hear His calling for my prayers regarding my career.  For I have already sought and found the answer to my other prayers.  What a beautiful thing it is to listen to Him and have faith in Him!

Tomorrow, I shall be happier and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that day… until I can no longer remember how it is to be sad nor to be alone.  I will keep this feeling until the end and never let it go.  :)