Who doesn't enjoy the feeling of watching beautiful fireworks under the blanket of a dark sky, with cool breeze blowing?? (Bonus feeling of sitting there with your loved ones)

Guilty. I know I do.

I've been watching the Internation Pyromusical Competition in MOA since the early days of its start. However, for two years now, I discovered that watching it in VIP seat is better. It costs 500 bucks a seat without a buffet of food (which the Patron ones have). It's not too near, nor to far and you will be given a monoblock chair per person.

pyromusical layout

I was lucky to get a MetroDeal promo for the entire family, so the expense was cut in half! :)

We brought lots of food for snacks. Shakey's was a sponsor of the event, so there was no problem getting pizza & mojos. There was Zagu too for drinks and we did have our takeout burger & fries from Burger King. And oh, how can I forget? Krispy Kreme for dessert!

Krispy creme for dessert

Though we got separated early in the evening and the traffic caused by the Iglesia march (which was really more annoying than heroic, IMHO), the night still ended fine.

I received a red rose chocolate flower from my mom as a Valentine's gift and it made my day. :)

I remember, the last time I watched, I know I enjoyed it, but I really couldn't recall much from watching the fireworks because I was too busy recording. So, last night, I made it a deal with myself that I will just watch. No cameras, no recording. Just enjoy it and be mesmerized.

Platinum Fireworks, Inc.

Platinum fireworks1

cover-image Platinum fireworks2

Platinum fireworks3

Howard & Sons: Australian competitor shots

Australian Billabong1

Australian Billabong2

And, yes, I still remember the fireworks I saw until today. No cameras in the way of the view. Just watching the dreamy fireworks that night and swaying to the beat of the music played. It was relaxing and really awesome.

My review of the Platinum Fireworks, Inc (Philippines) vs Australian competitor? Well, ours was definitely better. We had a good selection of music fit for Valentine's Day like: This girl is on fire, Stupid cupid among others. The Aussies had quite an eccentric taste for native music which we hardly appreciated.

Synchronicity of fireworks with the music was quite impressive for both. However, Howard & Sons had a more powerful boom to their fireworks. They covered a great big deal of the sky--to the point that it almost hurt my neck to look at everything! Now, that's a statement! And a very good reason why Disney turns to them for their fireworks!

Platinum Fireworks never had a lull inbetween medleys, whereas the Australian theme had some pauses and were quite slow to build up audience impact (to a point where we only had our whoas and ooohs towards the end).

Anyhow, it was a very lovely evening. There were firedancers and Iron man costumed performers, tall stickmen walking, etc. I would love to come see the next ones again!

And hey, this lasts for six weeks! So, no time to waste to get tickets for the next coming Saturday nights!

pyromusical schedule