Yesterday was marvelous. Aside from the fact that I woke up feeling happy and refreshed, the night was spent on sweet togetherness. I felt tired yet incredibly happy. I actually got number one of my Christmas wishlist! )

I was supposed to go online last night, but I had too much fun playing my new musical instrument. I am guilty of sleeping past my set time of sleeping. hehe.. nonetheless, I still managed to get up for today's Mass, have a little nap before going to work and not be late all at the same time. So, let me begin by calling today a good morning.

I had a slight trouble moving fast to prepare for the Mass. It was my fault we left at 3:05AM. We missed one of the usual seats we have. Apparently, that person did not attend the simbang gabi regularly and was not familiar with the seating arrangement we have. (hehe..) The celebrant for today was Father Benjie. I immediately knew he would be giving a good sermon. And so, I really concentrated. Nothing was worth distracting for today's Mass.

Today's Gospel focused on Mary's Magnificat. It was a custom during the old times to sing of all strong emotions that on emight have. As with Mary, she sang of the 'dishes' of Christianism. 'Alam ko, puro nalang putaheng ihahanda sa Pasko ang iniisip niyo'.. nyek! How could he possibly have read my thoughts! I was just thinking of what to prepare and what to buy tomorrow in preparation for Christmas Eve.. (which happens to be my mom's birthday too)

Mary sang of three Rs.

Rejoice. One must always rejoice in the Lord. There is no reason why one should not be happy, for everything that is about us, is also about GOD. And, that everything happens because it was HIS will.

Remember. We should always remember our loved ones who share in GOD's blessings. If we must only rejoice without remembering others, then we are not complete, and the meal is not full. If we think of our brethrens as we think of ourselves, then we have the possibility of reaching out to others, which is really needed to complete the life of a Christian.

Reach out. Upon rejoicing and remembering our loved ones, it is not enough if we cannot reach out to them and bring them also in the light that we are experincing in GOD's will. If we must keep the joy and happiness we found in GOD's will then we are not fulfilling our Christian mission of spreading Christ.

This should be the complete meal of every Christian. Let this be what we will prepare in our hearts on Christmas day