Last April 26, I was able to attend the fourth iBlog event (because I missed the last one, though I pre registered).  Well, this year, I was able to push back the work schedule a little bit, and took the whole Saturday off for a blogger centric event.

This is my first time to attend an iBlog event, and busy as I was, I didn’t even know what the agenda for the event was.  I was surprised to find that Morph was one of the event sponsors (as I already know a few people from Morph).  Wikipilipinas was the most interesting sponsor for me, aside from Morph.   The event was held at the Law Theatre, and it was just right for the number of participants.  They offered free wifi too for those who wanted to blog during the event and even record the event itself.   The whole experience was enjoyable.

Morph created a forum at  I was thankful I could twit using my phone and the free wifi during the event.  The morning session’s topics were quite interesting, but its quite the opposite for the afternoon’s session.  IMHO, the politics discussion was very draining.  We were lucky enough to have been able to use one of the power outlets in the afternoon, so that we can divert our attention from the politics tainted discussion of using blogging as a tool for the upcoming 2010 Elections.

Throughout the event, various voices were heard.  I saw some of the personalities behind the famous blogs and that alone was quite a happy thought.  Many of the audience were pro bloggers needing more encouragement and advices from those who are already pro blogging.  Well, pro blogging is really not quite the career for me, as I always run out of time to blog.  Not everyone is really cut for this work, but I really admire those who have the courage to quit a day’s job for blogging.

Everyone in the room is excited whenever a certain topic starts or ends.  It marks the start of another blog pitching session. ;) I didn’t really have the courage to market my blog unlike the others, though I’m already satisfied that a couple from already announced their blog.  More visibility for, the better. :)

After the event, I was really out of energy to still come to the party.  But, for all that’s worth, I really wanted to come.  It was a break I really need.

We had dinner at the Chocolate Kiss before heading out to Katips for the Bloggers’ Party.  The place was great, though the games weren’t as exciting for me as it were for the others.  They had the human bingo, and bring me games.

Here, I met more peeps from, saw more of the faces behind the famous blogs, and just had fun being with my honey.  88Db did a really good job of making this party happen.  I really think that they made the right decision to launch their product into the bloggers’ community.  There were free food, three free beers and one bottomless iced tea per head.  They had a raffle of one PSP slim, and the contenders were Pinoybloggero, Batang yagit and Chicken Mafia.

88Db did a great job with this bloggers’ party.  I enjoyed it but not to the max.  I don’t think partying is still cut for my lifestyle.. or maybe I’m just too workaholic.  Their service is worth checking out, and really, we need one such effort to consolidate Filipino services being offered.  I’d rather build a character in their site, than spend time putting my profile somewhere else.