Last September 2 and 3, I was privileged to have been sent to an Agile Training at Sofitel. I met a lot of good people wanting to implement some change by promoting transparency and successful product iterations.

Scrum is not a new thing for me, but it was well worth it to strengthen what I already know and try to get some help from the scrum masters there too on some problematic situations I've encountered. It was fun, and I got to share some of my experiences too. Gained some friends in the process and enjoyed myself during the training. Found below is a photo of Franchere Chan, myself, and Allan Tan.

Franchere Chan, Myself and Allan Tan

Yukka Lindstrom and Emerson Mills were really good trainors and weren't boring too! Emerson's endless stream of stories to share helped in understanding what scrum practice would be and what it can't be for a team, a project or a process.

Overdid myself again!

Attendees of the Certified Scrum Master training course range from software developers, programmers, and project managers of the IT industry’s leading companies who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Scrum. According to attendees, many of their clients are either already using the methodology or are interested in using it with the goal of increasing productivity. The last training course was attended by such companies as Ideyatech, SQME Professional, ProV International, HP NexUS, and Macquarie. By far, Scrum seems to be getting good results, as Maricris Nonato of DevEx attests. “I think it’s working well for us,” she claims. “The turnaround of every sprint cycle is good. By far I haven’t had a failed sprint yet. And our stakeholders are happy. You know the transparency thing that scrum promotes is very helpful for them. Scrum is really working out for us.”

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