I hate philandering men.  End of story.  I do not want to argue about any of its benefits for it has none.  So, married men, stay bound to your wives and do not have any right to flirt.. as in "uh-uh, no way!"

Boys and girls find their mate as early in their teens as possible.  Some mature at a later time, while some experience identity crisis.  Teenage life is, as some say, one of the best and fun times of one's life.  At teenage, we get more than the courage we now have as adults.  Teenagers are more frivolous, adventurous, and ah.. well, not to mention fickle and too carefree.  This is commonly the stage wherein a relationship is most unstable.  I think, this is why they call it "puppy love".  Youngsters are still not settled with what they want, most of the time.  From thirteen to nineteen years of one's life, more often than not, they've experienced a lot of heartaches.

Personally, I did not experience any heartaches during that time.  Yours truly was a "manang" or an old-fashioned lady during my teens.  I was lucky/unlucky enough not to get into a relationship that will easily break.  My first relationship was when I was eighteen, and it lasted for almost seven years. :)

Some say, I must have missed a lot tying myself down to just one person.  But at least, my heart was not broken too many times. ;) Hehe.. Not to conceitedly, I have had suitors falling in line that time.  It is said to be the best times of a woman's life, at the age of eighteen and above when you have a lot of men wanting to date with you.  Of course, being the all loyal lady that I am, I have ignored them all.  Some of these men are still my friends to date, though some, I really abhor remembering.  Some of them are younger, some are older.. but what I cannot understand is.. why some of them are married, and still consider themselves to be a commodity.

Married men are bound.. bound to their wives and family and bound to the oath they have so given freely in the church during their wedding day.  This is an oath sworn to the priest in behalf of God himself.  I believe that this deserves the highest form of respect at all times and in all forms.  I am a family person and I have a mother and a father (of course).  I believe that every lady to whom a man winks at at the street or at the mall or at a restaurant is a daughter of another married man.

Honesty and respect at all times.  Yes, at all times.  Either you're in the office away from your better half, in the grocery, in the mall or walking home, respect and honor your oath to your partner and to God.  Do not flirt.  Flirting is a form of cheating.  Subtle or not, it is still cheating.  Honesty and respect in all forms.  Yes, in all forms.  You also cheat when you desire somebody else in secret.  What is it that you should look for outside the walls of your home that you didn't find before binding yourself with your better half?  Or was your decision a half baked one?

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships are there to 'sort of' test the waters before dipping yourself into it.  You find your mate by getting into a relationship with that person.  You find that his ways are more of your ways. You see that you share more or less the same instincts and judgements in life.  The common values are important.  The self plus the concern for others is also important in finding your mate.  Ah, well, what I am driving at right now, is, men, when you're single, do enjoy yourself.  Look around you and enjoy God's bestowed beautiful women, and not when you are married.

Now, if you're curious about this post, this is the story.

My honey and I were dining at Jollibee Katipunan for lunch at around 1:30pm today.  He chose a seat near the window facing the side of Ateneo, nearer Starbucks.  He was sitting infront of me.  As we were eating while chatting, a guy passed by the window and was intently looking at me.  He wore a sling for the cast on his right arm.  That time, he was alone.  Ignoring his look, we  went on eating.  I was surprised to find him inside Jollibee a few minutes later.  He took a seat at the far end of the row where we were seating.  Strategically choosing his position, he had a clear view of my seat and Deyey's back.  He was still alone.

A couple of minutes later, I have grown uneasy because a far look towards the end of Jollibee's hall would mean meeting his gaze.  I tried to move my chair away from his line of sight.  I did this for almost three times in a row after still meeting his gaze.  Soon, his lady companion became uneasy because of his looking away to somewhere else.  On the other hand, I have not spoken a word about it to my honey and just went on chatting.  Deyey, being a lost camel in the desert, went to buy another glass of iced tea.  Now, there was a large open space between us.  I watched Deyey at the counter until he sat back.

By this time, the lady with the man was looking very uncomfortably behind her seat.  I can see that she was getting mad.  I felt hate for the guy who was uncompassionate enough to the lady, who happened to be his wife.  It didn't matter for me that she might get angry and confront me at that moment, but I was so hating the situation.  In anger, she shoved a huge heavy bag towards her husband for him to carry as punishment and stormed out of Jollibee.

This was the only time I was able to tell my honey about the incident.  I didn't want for him to react negatively that's why I kept it secret until this last time.

Moral?  If you don't want to get kicked out of the house or given any other punishment, moreso hurt somebody else you don't know, please stop staring at other women when you're married.  Choose what you love and love what you choose.  :)