I have never really regarded the Chinese New Year as an important hallmark in my annual events calendar.  I always look forward to the new year separation in the traditional Julian Calendar.  Hence, I never bothered to visit Chinatown.. ever! Well, not until now.

Together with a friend who practically grew up near the area, we scoured through Ongpin up to Binondo to take part in a really new experience.. which later on turned out to be a new adventure in my life!

Chinese New Year's eve day..  I woke up with a not so good mood.  Though I've been looking forward to this day since last week, I thought I would be dragging myself with low energy.  I started out with the usual house chores and ended up cooking a really sumptuous Beef Steak (a favorite at home).  I took hold of the opportunity that I was searing with high energy, so I also tidied up some of my plastic carts, partly wanting to partake in the renewal of energy to be brought upon by the Chinese New Year celebration.

We still managed to watch a good suspense movie before we left.  We just waited for sundown so that the heat wouldn't weigh us down while exploring Chinatown.

Sta. Cruz church

We stopped by Sta. Cruz church to pray for blessings before heading off.  There, various charms and bracelets would amuse your eyes with its different colors of crystals, golds and stones.  There were also several fruits that serve as charms and even ornaments! Not just your usual fruits at the table!

festive fruits

weird fruits

I had my close encounter of the dancing dragon and it was really fun! I got myself a chinese hat too! We walked the entire stretch of Ongpin to Binondo wearing those hats that several paparazzi really loved taking pictures of.  To my amazement, a Taiwanese even bothered to take photos of us wearing the hats! :D

cover-image Close up dragon

I also had my first experience of lighting incense sticks in a public altar.. making a wish to Buddha in a stall.. and witnessing a weird photography session.  ???

weird photoshoot

The entire place was so busy, but everyone was in a festive mood!  Even the Chinese people, amidst their hustle and bustle, they were still courteous to the visitors and customers.  I particularly loved the Dragon Phoenix Store in Binondo where I got the really cool hat and blouse, lucky fish charms and a free reading! :)  Visit this store, its really a great place, and mind you.. no bad energies! The entire place was practically surrounded by really energized earth crystals!  I was dumbfounded by the Tibetan bowls when I first heard its low chime.  The experience felt like it pulls you off from the physical plane and connects you to the cosmic universe!  So good that I got myself one small bowl!  The moment I held that particular bowl, I felt a really good surge of electricity in my left hand.  Its really amazing!  Everytime I would hear that bowl, it takes me to a higher vibration. :)

colorful fish charms

Tibetan bowl and charms

We ended the day with dinner.  Since the President's Tea House was full house, we walked backwards to Hap Chan Tea House.  I had the best lobster noodle there! I also tried their sweet carrot cake which had a tikoy filling and it was the best! :)

sweet carrot cake

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone!  May our year be filled with the right tools, right people and right attitude to attain success, happiness and fulfillment!  Now, 2012 has arrived for everyone!  Happy new year!!!! :)