2012 for me is..

As the trailer of 2012 pops into the big screen sometime last year, I wonder what the movie effects would bring me cheap thrill.  I wonder what portrayals for the "end of days" would be shown.  I was excited and eager to see it.  But did I really believe it?

Answer is YES and NO.  I believe that there will be changes.  Note: "changes".  There would be things that would take place, but not wipe out man.

2012 is just around the corner.  Ever since I was young, there have been lots of prophecies about the "end of the world".  I remember my family always eager to watch Nostradamus' predictions.  I was the eldest, but I tell you I don't remember any of it.  Maybe its by poor memory, or is it because my guides were protecting me from believing something wrong?

Nature calls

What is so different about having earthquakes over the past years versus having an earthquake on 2012?  What is the difference with having super typhoons in the past versus having them on 2012?  Its just the date.  Nature calls.. and that's it.

When Ondoy hit us, many died.  There is sorrow from the loss of many, but it wasn't the end for all.  Its just that.. accidents do happen, and nature called.

Nature has its way of protecting itself from us.  Man, we are all intelligent beings and we have managed to destroy our only home.  Wouldn't it be just right for nature to try and regain its losses through the only way it can?  It has to regenerate.  It has to go on producing beneficial life for man to go on.  So why again do we believe its the end of days?

Collective awarenes

New moon of Twilight's second movie series was a major box office hit, earning roughly about $140.7M worldwide as of the time of writing.  2012 earned just around $26.5M worldwide.  Believe me, I liked the movie, but I'm happy with these figures.  Although I kind of prefer watching 2012 over Twilight, I'm happy it didn't get to as much popularity as I thought it would.  Honestly, I'd prefer that people stop putting so much effort into it.

Why?  Listen to this first..

Recently, I've been watching Supernatural Series Season 1.  There was an episode about Hell House.  There were supernatural caused deaths in this old abandoned house in the middle of a farm in that particular town.  When the Winchester brothers came to inspect it, they later found out that the house was just an old abandoned house without any curse attached to it.  Through research, they found that all the haunted details of the house came raw from the submitted write-ups of a particular website.

In their attempt to fight Mordecai, they noticed a very peculiar behavior of this particular ghost/entity.  They could not kill it with rock salt nor any burning ceremony for remains, etc.  Why?  ..simply because there wasn't any ghost to begin with.

The believers of this particular story has brought something to life to scare them about.  Mordecai came to be in different outfits, different strengths, different ways of killing simply because many believed it.  Believing is a very powerful process.

What you believe in becomes your own reality!

Real Life Psychology

How do people sell houses?  How do people sell cars?  How do great speakers become great?

I honestly would not pay a dime for attending any of these seminars that promise to teach me how to earn more than what I do now.  Why?  Because I can do it without them teaching me anything!

Psychologists do employ just about the same amount of effort when they talk to their clients.  They make their clients believe in themselves in order for them to restore their lost dignity about life and whatever situation they are in.  You are actually paying them to listen to you, when you can go ahead and talk to yourself more!

Not that I encourage you to talk to yourself in public.. but nobody else would give you more power than simply believing in your innate goodness and strength.

That's the power of belief in real life.

What about 2012 and belief?

What we believe will come true.  That is for sure.  Even if you yourself will not lift a finger to make it happen, tiny instances of actions that seem to be trivial will contribute to that greater truth.

When you think throwing one cigarette butt in the street will not hurt, think about the 10 teenagers walking behind you who saw you do it.  Do you think your irresponsibility is still worth only once the effect?  I don't think so.

When you teach your kids to be afraid of cops and security guards, will they still ever respect them when they grow up?  Think about the kids that your kids and their kids will teach others to believe in.

There is power in number.  Let us believe in what is right and what is good for everyone of us.  Let us not believe that there is a God who's hands are mighty enough, but one with a ruthless heart.  He has been warning us.. not about 2012 but about doing and reinforcing what is wrong.

2012 marks a new world.  A world of change, death for the wrong beliefs, rebirth for the better future.  Why wait for that date?  Let's start making a new world now.  :)

Let's keep a steady flame of positivity and responsibility of believing what is right and doing what is right.  That's the only way to save yourselves and save the others from eternal damnation.  Don't you think that is worth the effort than trying to scare out other people?  And so, yes, collective consciousness will make a BIG difference.

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