Let me begin by saying.. I hate many things. One of these many things is arrogance and atrocity.

I belong to an IT community, and it is really dominated by arrogant people.  Some think that over confidence is just the same as arrogance, but its not.  Google around some "arrogant" articles and you'll find several that discuss about 'coping with', 'dealing with', 'understanding..'.  My concern is really the opposite.  I do not want to deal with them; nor do I want to understand them at all!

As with my experience, asking a simple question would merit you some bashing and condescending remarks.  Interesting that these people think you're asking because you're stupid! It is not my habit to answer back to shame people.  I wouldn't know if they would later on turn to be mature people (not exactly overnight), but if they do, I hope they would regress and realize where they were wrong.

There is actually no cure to arrogance.  And even as I would be writing this article, the 'arrogant ones' wouldn't even flinch at the idea because it is their nature to shun away criticism and those that they feel are directly against them.

So, to those who have this experience of 'dealing with' these arrogant people, here's my advice for you (us):

  • Always come to a situation where you have a solid understanding of who you are.  Keep to your level of self-esteem.
  • Converse, mingle but never absorb anything from an arrogant person.  Their words are mostly about themselves; and surely you don't want to be a part-arrogant person too!
  • Know when you should leave a conversation when they start dropping condescending hints.  You do not deserve to be a victim.
  • Do not argue back.  I mean, never argue back.  You would only waste your energy against such people.
  • Lastly, find an object of happiness; or a source of happiness (depending on what your current situation is).
Some victims succumb to the feeling of inferiority because they were bashed, belittled, etc.  Please don't.  Remember who you are.  If you give in to these feelings, you would most likely feed on the same insecurity/inferiority that arrogant people actually have.

This is a vicious cycle that must stop.

PS: Young IT professionals, please don't be arrogant to your community.  Who you belittle now, may be the next bright mind of tomorrow.  Who you bash now might be your possible saving grace in the future.

Learn to give and respect!