After a long pause..

Hiatus from blogging, hiatus from twittering, hiatus from movie watching.. well, I’m back. As far as I can recall, the last movie I watched was Rogue. :) Its been like a month already.
Well, the perfect movie to watch on a come back is one that has made enough rumors and positive reviews to catch one’s curiosity. I was very impressed and somewhat intrigued about the whole plot. Eagle Eye is a must watch movie.

Life is already stressful

In your ordinary lives, you’ve got lots of everyday stresses, lots of things to worry about and a very short time to accomplish everything. On top of it all, you’ve got people to cover and dreams to build, and even the past to bury. Who would want even more? I think its more than enough to make me feel like seizing every day of my life. That was how I thought Jerry Shaw was feeling. I couldn’t have possibly put it more clearly. Having a twin brother who was more accomplished, loved and famous could definitely bring your morals down.. but not necessarily sibling love.

He wanted to be away from his brother’s shadow but not their love for one another. He wanted to have a separate identity and achieve like his sibling. They’ve been both into military school but he was never as good as his brother. Nothing separated them though, except the death of Ethan Shaw, his twin. That was the start of it all. His brother’s death was more than the toll he could take, but more came soon after.

Starting from a mysterious spike in his savings account, then through terrorist packages found in his apartment to a dubious phone call, everything is now in chaos for his already chaotic life.

You have 30 seconds to leave your residence.“, “Jump now Jerry Shaw.“, “Approach the armored car. There are armed men going down the elevator.. Take the bag they are carrying.

Those commands seemed very impossible for an ordinary man to obey. I kept repeating to myself, “I couldn’t have possibly done any of those commands.”. It was really very stressful trying to obey such commands that were coming from a dubious character. Moreover, I couldn’t have possibly thought of jumping over high buildings just because I was told to. All throughout the movie, I felt quite stressed with the stressful scenarios presented to Jerry Shaw.. same goes for Rachel Holloman who’s son was in peril.

Technology in your hands

Its amazing that life can be put in a box. Do you agree? It can even be in your hands. That’s how the typical marketing goes. “Take life with you” through your mobile, through your plasma TVs, PDAs, electronic geolocators, etc. It always (states in a ’salesman’ voice) “makes your life easier and keeps you updated all the time!”. Yeah right. I don’t think that being updated always is a necessity. Its important but not a requirement. I always turn my phone to silent mode whenever I’m mobile.

Technology is great when it works for you.. but when it doesn’t, its a whole lot of hassle. I’m sure we all had a lot of different stories to share about this. But take it to a larger scale. Imagine the whole nation being plagued by a malfunctioning machine. Imagine having more people dead than more people alive. This is where and when technology sucks. And mind you, even hackers can die.

One step at a time

Eagle Eye is the artificial intelligence that was kinda a predecessor to the concept of the Minority Report. It was tasked to perform measures when the executive arm is falling out of place.

Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman falls as one of the activated individuals to perform tasks that were needed to accomplish its grand plan. One step at a time they fall victim to the commands given to them forcing them to stay alive while executing the task. Though against free will and definitely risky, they try to comply due to fear.
They were pushed to jump on buildings, boats, flee from the cops, hide away in the plane cargo, steal from an armored car, etc. Reputation was lost, lives were put in danger and a lot of other risks taken. Though this was the case, one step at a time, Jerry and Rachel learned to trust each other and shared a lot about each other’s lives. One step at a time, they both managed to survive the tasks given to them.

The whole movie was very interesting, especially that involved a lot of techie stuffs. I sure have added this in my list of fave movies. Especially that Shia LaBeouf’s acting was really good.