An anomaly is something that is out of the norms.  Google defines it as:

anomaly defined by Google

I have always fascinated myself with the right and the wrong ever since I knew how to inquire.  What really defines something as right? What really defines something as norm?

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

-- Mark Twain

To most people, it is rebellion to go against the norm.  You will be stared at, looked negatively upon, sometimes cast out.  But, why encourage individualism if you would only become an anomaly to the norm?  Why encourage creativity if that would only invite prying eyes to be on you?

There are many anomalies in our society.  Sometimes, the most obvious one that makes us humane becomes the anomaly in our lives.  Would you consider going against a crowd or a powerful person if you thought otherwise his ideals?  Would you voice out differences in preferences and standards even if it meant bending the 'typical' image?

Why not? I'm no anomaly to my own norm.  I'm no anomaly to an already anomalous society of norms and standards.  A person who speaks his mind has more enemies than one who has not dared to stand up for himself.