I learned that Iglesia was to celebrate their annual evangelical mission today yesterday. I knew that spelled traffic for most people who had to go home southbound.

After waiting on completing all items at the office, we head on out for dinner bonding with officemates. We shared a sumptuous ramen dinner at Rai rai ken at Galleria.

Come closing time, we separately headed out to commute home. I took the MRT. It was past 9:30pm and the train was still packed! Getting off at Buendia, I didn't have a different kind of trouble getting a jeep.

The real trouble started near RCBC Plaza. From there on, the traffic grew heavier every movement forward. From Mayapis, the traffic grew more hopless. I fell asleep for around 50minutes and woke up at a couple of steps away from where I last dozed.

At 10:50pm, I decided to walk. I walked very fast, almost as if I was sprinting. Suddenly some lady was calling out: "Miss! Miss!!!" I thought that I shouldn't look back. At first I thought she was going to ask for money. I was ready to turn her down.

She asked me which way to Taft. I pointed her the way. She then asked me if I was going there as well. I didn't really gather she meant harm, so I said yes but cautious enough. I held my umbrella tightly and looked around if she was with some guy waiting for an opportunity to gang up on me. Finding none, I had a small perky chat with her.

She said she felt uneasy to walk by herself because she has a trauma with snatchers. She related to me that she was robbed twice. Once in a jeep, and while walking. She described to me how an image of a knife flashed in her head before the guy next to her held out one to steal her belongings. I could tell she was still scared though with a series of questions, I found out its been more than a year ago.

We walked together for almost 3k. I asked her a lot of questions but she never bothered to ask me any. :) i really wanted to understand what kind of a person she was, and trying to understand why she picked me to be her walking companion.

Her name was Carol. Her destination was about 3 more blocks away from me. She was bubbly and it seemed she didn't tire from walking while I was sweating like hell. She said she came from Rockwell which usually takes only 45 minutes of travel. O told her mine was a more challenging fiat.

When I turned to our street, I felt relieved she was there. Somehow I never arrived at a conclusion of who really needed that companionship.. Me or Carol? :)