<p>I&#8217;m a little bit shaky, a little bit sentimental right now.</p>

Have you ever felt that you were abused,  and that you wanted to say a lot but can’t?  I’m surged with such a feeling, but I will cope with it.  I understand, I know better.

Failure is a bitter word.  Sometimes others judge your fate for you, but the truth is.. only you can tell your fate.  Only you can say you’ve failed, and, unless you take it against yourself, that’ll be the only time you fail.

Sometimes, your views and understanding of life get shaded with the numerous things you have to do; or you get swayed by the thoughts and goals of another.  One must always have their own goals in life, and never be swayed or taken aback by others.  Stay steady and firm.  If you should take another’s goal and make it your own, then don’t get absorbed completely.  If that goal breaks, you’ll get broken.  Stay firm with your own goal.

These things are what I learned.  I swallowed whole in the goal of another, that when it broke, it has broken me too.  Now, I’m cleaning myself, ridding myself of their negativity.  I am anew.  Its a littlbe bit sentimental, but its okay.  I had a lot to say, but I know better not to speak.  As the Bicentennial man said in its movie: "One, must not speak in order to protect harmony".  :)   Good point.  I’ll take it to goodwill that I shall hold my tongue.. and I’ll make it forever.  For now, I want to forget.  People will say a lot behind my back, but I know the whole story.  You may never get to know the real reason, but I will know it, and God is my witness.  I want to forget how I was hurt in the process, and efforts gone down the drain.

I will be my own temple of strength and goodness.  Nobody will ruin me.  You can say anything, do anything, but it will not harm me anymore.  I think I like the new year. :)