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I read about "The Time Traveler's Wife" from an ebook I got online.  I immediately start reading it.  At first, I breeze through it only when I have free time.  Recently, I've been wanting to finish it!

Today was a bit of another hustle and bustle day plus some additional irritating daily stuff that I just didn't want to completely give into.  I woke up at 5AM to prep up for my sister's second college entrance exam.  (I sometimes wonder if I have to do this again sometime soon).  She's gearing up for USTET.  Exam starts at 8AM.

My honey was completely kind enough to fetch us and guide us to the right building, as you see, its his Alma Mater after all.  Earlier on, he's been complaining about some pains and frequent sneezing.  Later this morning, he's got fever.  He was flaming hot while we were out in Quiapo killing time.  This got me worried.  After taking a capsule of bioflu, I urged that we went back to UST to rest at the carpark.  It was pretty hot in there and seriously, if you're not at all tired and sleepy, you wouldn't imagine yourself wanting to wait and sleep out in your car.  Ours was the complete opposite.  Tired, sleepless / feverish, my honey and I dozed off.  I was knocked out, almost all senses were blocked out.  As far as I can recall, I was dreaming and in another far away land.. again.

The entire time that I was awake after that, was spent entirely on worrying whether my honey would be fit enough to drive alone.  I am tired, possibly equally needing rest.  I decided that we all head home and cook lunch at home rather than eating out.  My utmost concern that he gets home safe and sound.

What follows next, I do try to maximize the remaining adrenalin rush that I have.  I wash my bag and other daily paraphernalia.  I gave my cute cat a bath and then retire for a nap this afternoon.

I found it quite hard to sleep after feeling my body tremble from the tiredness, and so I read the ebook once again.  I felt more into the story for every page down.  Clare and Henry were a weird couple, yet the most unique and sensational of all 'love-striken-couples' in any movie/story I've known.  This kind of reminded me of the movie "The Lake house".  It also involved time related glitches and mysteries.

Just now, I'm reminded of how much I liked Inuyasha and Kagome.  I remember their story too was of time glitch related.  Interesting how these fascinates me.  Another thing pops up my trail of thoughts.  I am also fond of the movie "Somewhere in time".  I'm finding this creepy all of a sudden.

Anyway, I do read on more about Clare and Henry.  Its almost as if Clare doesn't really have her own life.  Hers is intertwined with Henry's as he moves along his own timeline thereby affecting Clare's.  I really like their story (much as I liked the other time travelling stuff from my faves).  Clare patiently waits for the right time when Henry meets her for the first time.  I get a picture of a couple who were in love with each other simply because they relationship was predefined by time.

Clare was young and happy and always looked forward to her 'Henry'.  I think somewhere deep down inside, I also have that feeling of longingness to a person I now call my 'hubby'. ..except that I didn't meet him any earlier unlike how Clare did at the age of six.  I however prayed for my future hubby ever since I was in elementary.  I guess it was all those prayers that affected what is current and in the present.  I was patient too, and I only met my hubby when I was already 25.

Henry on the other hand was a guy who was frivolous and much wilder when he was young than how Clare knew him.  I guess I somehow feel that most men are like that when they are young and feel more inclined to be behaved when they finally find the one who can tame them.  I can compare him to my own hubby who is now mature enough not to act in folly as in his early years.  But Henry was eternally lost.  Not that he can't be found or that he can't know where he is.. but that at certain circumstances he's forced to do things he doesn't want to do.  Always finding the need to be at peace for a long period of time, but can't.. OR sometimes finding the need to escape.  I'm glad there can't be such a thing as chrono-impaired person, and yet I positively believe it happens to most of us.  The only difference is that we don't vanish.

There were several other characters in the story.  Almost to all of them, I can find myself.  Henry's dad is an alcoholic who finds himself dead when his own wife died in a car accident.  He tortures himself slowly through drinking and sulking in sad thoughts.  Clare's mom is manic-depressed.  One of which was referred to as a 'freak'.  Ouch.  Although I half heartedly admit I'm one, I don't want to be called a freak.  There's Sharon, Clare's brother's (Mike) fiance.  She unaccepted by Mark's mom.  Sheez, I can't be more blunt about it.  There's Alicia who feels like she's always being reprimanded to be perfect.

I felt some huge surge of emotion from various sections of their stories.  For example, the story when Henry finds out that Clare was badly beaten by her first date, Jason.  Clare demands that she gets her sweet revenge, and Henry helps her out of mild rage that his wife was put in bad shape by some guy who doesn't respect her.  At times I found my self in an analogous situation.  The only difference was that I had to fend for myself.  I had no Henry.

I read on through the next pages.  They meet in proper time and shared Christmas with Clare's family.  I wonder if all families had such secrets.  I also wonder if there were families without such secrets.  Why would a perfectly happy woman have thoughts of drowning her entire family in a lake?  I then turn to admire how the seemingly new-found relationship of Clare and Henry felt a bit more like ours.  I find myself proud of my honey at times he wouldn't have thought of, and that there are times he still surprises me.

Reading on to their beautiful story while pondering on these thoughts, I thought a lot of 'what-ifs' and wondered about the past.  I fell asleep and thought about me and my hubby's early days of courtship.   I guess a little bit of Clare and Henry were definitely there (both in good and bad ways).