Dear Vim,

You were my first stable love. The moment I first sighted vi, I knew it was a variation of it that I would love the most. You made me taste power and flexibility for a long time. I thought my folly of you would never end.

I must admit, I flirted a bit with emacs, trying to make it fit into my lifestyle. For a moment, emacs took control of the priceless lines I typed with you. It was hype. However, emacs was a bit of a maintenance. Having cheat codes for typing away was not an excuse. And then, I saw Sam.

Sam too made some color into my typing, but my fancy for Sam was short lived. I came back to you in shame. And when I did, I realized you had more fans than when we last parted directions. I knew my loss and I again, turned away from temptation.

When my new fast and shiny machine came, there was temptation again. The colorful and boastfully more powerful text mate entered the scene. I'm sorry I gave in and spent a wonderful time with text mate and it's shortcuts. It was fascinating time. I could have considered a longer relationship with text mate.. Probably a longer one than what we had.

And then came along sublime. I thought we would again have another trivial relationship. Another folly perhaps? I didn't want to commit the same mistake I did with text mate. I'm guilty of sharing finances with one that I thought I could share the rest of my typing.

There was sublime 2, and now 3. What madness is this? I have stayed maybe almost as long as it stayed with you dear vim. I tried not to get into too much attachment, but sad to say, I have put quite an amount of investment on sublime already.

I try to go back to you, and probably take sides in this war of editors. I wanted to remain bipolar. I even tried to look at your cousin MacVim the way I always looked at you. Forgive me for wanting to keep faith in you, yet enjoying the company of another editor. Oh, I also heard that your lovers call themselves 'hardcore'. What's that supposed to mean?

You know I love you. We will always have time together, no matter what server, no matter what business/project. But, I wanted to devote my time maximizing my effort on sublime.

I know that you will understand my decision, dear Vim. You're my first true love. That will never change. It's a cliche, I know you hear this too often... But really, it's not you. It's me.

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