New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

Apparently, I've "stopped" writing.  

I have been focused on working on my physical, emotional and mental health as of late.  Having been working for an awesome company, I felt like I am no longer jeopardizing my sanity and I am able to focus on what's needed and what I felt was important in my life.

So, apparently, I've "stopped" writing.

Some time ago, I used to just spill my thoughts over on this blog.  I've hopped around so many blogs before, but never really stopping with writing, until maybe 4 years ago.  What happened to me?

So, apparently, I've "stopped" writing.

I always thought that Facebook and maybe, Tumbler were like the "evolved" version of blogs.  I hopped on it because everyone was on it.  It was easy to find a post with a good cover photo, seemingly resonating with your thoughts and reposting (or sharing) it was even easier--without even reading it!  It was easy to put a one-liner, just to make sure you "posted" something for the day and the rest of the world knows that you're still alive.  But still..

Then, I "stopped" writing.

To date, I still remember an incident way back in 2012, when one of my posts was cited to be a stressor to some group of people.  I didn't realise that my own thoughts, musings and self-reminders could be used for such purpose (read my disclaimer please).

Since then, I've "stopped" writing.

I stopped writing because I am thinking, that nobody ever reads my posts.  So what?

I stopped writing because I am thinking, what if someone will use my posts against me again? So what?

I stopped writing because I am thinking, some of my posts aren't even unique.  So what?

I stopped writing because I am thinking, maybe these ramblings won't be of any use to anyone? So what?

I stopped writing because I have forgotten how fun, sometimes therapeutic it can be.  I stopped writing because I have forgotten how it feels like to just share yourself with people who wanted to listen, and those who may actually benefit from what I can share.  I stopped writing because I listened, not to the positive voice that urges us all to be a tiny drop, a tiny speck who matters still to the universe.

My resolution? I will write. I will share. I will not heed negativity.  

Thank you for the new year, for bringing fresh hopes.  See you all in my future posts!

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