Is Life Easy

Is Life Easy

Now don't give me that look like I was born with a silver spoon or that I have the perfect family or that I have an awesome relationship to boast. It's all quite the opposite, you know.

Growing older means getting more mature. Life becomes more complicated. How to pay the bills, when to pay the bills, how to earn money to pay the bills are amongst some of the usual daily troubles. Now, that isn't the definition of easy.

However, I do realise, life isn't an equation to solve. What works before may not work tomorrow; and it definitely won't work on everyone. Life therefore is a road to travel. Isn't that easy? One step at a time.

I live without regret. Why? How? I just think before I act (but I usually regret too much shopping) :P But seriously, with life's decisions, there shouldn't be regrets. To know that you make the decisions and when and why, puts you in an awareness where you will never be at a point of depression or blaming. Just own it! That was yours. If it was wrong, then just do something to rectify it, set yourself to the right path.

Now, that is easy. What makes life a baggage is the train of thoughts of regrets and the pains of trying to understand why things happen the way they did.

My guess? It just needed to happen at that time to give you a lesson.. or, heck, maybe just to wash your eyes of too much dirt.

Did you know that getting angry hurts your liver? So, when I'm angry, I cry instead. I tell myself, I'm not an angry person. I'm never an angry person, because I have a kind heart. I just refuse to break. I will learn to bend so I will never be broken.

Now, that was easy. Well, more of "easier said than done", right? We'll probably all agree on that. ^__^

Just keep swimming.

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