Never be alone

My friends keep telling me “I am not alone”..

Yes, they are my shelter when I was down.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up for myself as what I have done so. They were right.  When before I needed them beside me coz I can’t stand, now, I am able to run alone.  I guess I have been detached too long from the people around me.  Now, that I can finally be the real affectionate me, I have seen the world in a different color.  Now, I am more attached to my friends.  The friends that I know who cares for me day in and day out.

I might not be always 100% there for them (coz you might have known I’m always busy).. they were always just around me.  The best spectators and the best advisers that I have.  I may feel lonely because I think nobody’s watching my back, or nobody seems to be noticing that I am around anymore, but they are the eyes that make me feel important… they are the hands that hold me at the lowest of my times… they are the ears that hear me out each time…  and the smile that just brightens the day even without saying anything.

A friend of mine is leaving.  I can’t help but feel like I’ll miss him.  I’ll miss his mean-ness, sarcastic jokes, and a lot more.  I know how bad it is to be missing someone.. especially when they will be miles away from you and you can’t reach them.  I don’t want to be lonely, but because I do care genuinely, I’ll let you be free and happy.  Nevermind the loneliness, as long as you’ll be happy, I’ll be happy for you.  I know in the future, my other friends will be doing the same thing for me.

Sometimes we care or love someone so much, that we can just be with or without them because presence won’t really matter as long as the emotion that bonds us together is strong enough to withstand worldy trials… and because of that too, I will never be alone.