I have found myself

In the midst of solitude, loneliness and pain, I have found myself.

The biggest mistake that I have always been committing is to keep finding myself in another person.  In the process of doing so, I got a lot of pain.. learned that there is much to lose than to keep in this searching.  It is as painful as dying each time you get hurt, but, in the end, when you have finally freed yourself from all pains of searching, is when you truly have found yourself.  'Tis the time you can tell yourself that you have truly found the meaning of your life.. when you stopped looking for yourself in another person.

Love and Life are two similar things.  It can never be fair.  It can never be sweet without bitterness.  Its always the taste of two opposite things.  When you love, you can never expect nor assume anything.  They say the truly great love is when you can set free the person you love the most.  And I do agree to that.  It is actually more painful than leaving a rocky relationship.

And, Life on the other hand is no different.  You keep on living without guarantee that tomorrow will be pleasant or worse than today or yesterday.  And the irony of life is that you only have to keep on waking up thinking that today is a blessed day, better than the last morning you woke up.

One can never find the true meaning of loving and living unless you find yourself.

Now, how did I do that??  Well, you only have to take a courageous step towards what you believe and feel.  Be genuine to yourself.  Whatever it is that you feel, if you're sure that it is what you want, need and believe, then do it.  Do not dwell in ill feelings that you might be good or bad to others.  Understand that what each of us do in one way or another, will help everyone around to realize too who they really are.  Always be brave enough to acknowledge what you feel.  Scream, cry, dance, laugh.. whenever you feel like it.  It takes off a lot of self pressure.

No crisis, or personality problem could ever depress the reality that all our actions and decisions truly reflect who we are.  So, stand up for yourself.

Find yourself and keep living and loving.