For a person who’s so into the PC 24/7.. like me, there is no way I’d like to sacrifice PC time for TV time… ergo, I miss much from the TV.

Ask me the latest commercials, and I don’t know. Ask me the funniest sitcom, and I don’t know. Movies? Yeah, but only in cinemas. TV? nah, no time. But, since I’ve been into neTVision, I’ve seen a lot of opportunities to make TV work for the PC person like myself.

Personally, neTVision rocks, for the following reasons:

  1. They offer IPTV in a very radical way. No more video downloading, no more need for torrents, no more need for media players, no more strict licenses. You just need your normal browser to view! Just point and click, and no more hassles!
  2. They’ve got a huge collection of hard to find good old movies. They are not particularly biased in terms of the movies they offer.
  3. You can enjoy viewing your purchased movie in your own privacy. Hehe.. :)
  4. Registration is free, and so is trailer viewing. With others, you’d need to pay to view anything at all!
  5. The site is easy to use, and every movie can easily be located. You can also get to rate movies, leave comments and even recommend them to your friends.
  6. They offer free streaming of local channels. I bet they’ll come up with more good, quality streams. Personally, I love their Living Asia channel.
  7. Its very easy to purchase contents. I heard they offer coupon purchases aside from credit cards. It would be great if they can also use services that offer electronic purchases like Eloads, online PINs etc.
  8. No other customer support has been very responsive and highly accomodating to their users. I have had numerous kind assistance from them whenever I needed help.
  9. They have been brewing another Pinoy quality service which is called nMusic, which might hit mainstream too just like their video IPTV service. This is a very ingenuine idea, since I’m a fan of MTV and other TV music channels. Bringing OPMs to the IPTV is one breakthrough that they are making.
  10. The upcoming Pacquiao vs Barrera fight could’ve been streamed at neTVision, and I bet it could’ve been a smashing success for OFW’s to witness the inevitable victory of Pacman. It was a very sad thing that HBO had to push them aside just to win the competition.
I hope that if Pacman wins, his next match will be streamed with full international rights from neTVision. I’m sure all Pinoys out there abroad would love to give their moral support to Pacquiao.

Kudos to neTVision for making their service a great hallmark for Pinoy IPTV! :D